e-Mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing is a very important tool for the entrepreneur in the generation of traffic and, especially, in the relation with clients. To create and to send an e-mail newsletter can leverage the success of an Internet business. These are the main reasons:

Agility: The e-mail is a very agile tool in the sending and response and in the evaluation of return. A simple click on the send key of the software triggers the sending of thousands of e-mails that arrive in seconds on the addressee’s mailbox. The response to e-mail marketing is usually immediate, through the desired action or simply through the confirmation of receipt.

Measurability: It’s too easy to measure the return from email marketing. Your site’s stats will tell you: how many people have received it, clicked on a link, visited the website, how many have bought, how many wish not to receive your communication again and ask to be excluded from your list, among several other information.

Interaction: A simple link on the e-mail enables the receiver to perform an action, such as, reply a response, visit a website or ask to be excluded from the list.

High Response Rate: Serious e-mail marketing campaigns, with communication sent to people who allow receiving (opt-in) has a very high return rates.